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Welcome to our abbey website. We represent a new spiritual order of men and women dedicated to the task of blending the best of old world knowledge and spirituality with modern world social culture and technology in order provide for the spiritual and physical growth of our community.  For almost two thousand years,  followers of the teachings of our messiah men and women had to sequester themselves in fortified church communities, in order to preserve and sustain a higher order of social structure, in which these believers could explore their faith, as well as, study the lessons of knowledge handed down by their predecessors.  These abbeys or as they were often called monasteries and/or convents, provided a safe haven from a mostly uncivilized and cruel world that would have swallowed them up most instantly leaving very little trace of their existence.   We live in a new world today, which may not be heavenly, but is much more ordered and structured as to allow for a kind of expansiveness and openness that our forbears could not enjoy.  So our abbey will focus on adapting the life of abbey brothers and sisters to embrace the our safer social world, and expand our reach to those who travel on the same spiritual quests though the use of technology and the ability to travel far and wide with ease.

As a new order we have much work to do to organize ourselves from life styles and devotional ideals, down to the hard basics of finances and daily tasks.  All of this will take time and I welcome all of you to follow our progress as we work at building family and community.  Currently we are preparing about 1000 feet of meeting and worship space, along with gardens and meditation areas for abbey use.  Soon we hope to be able to use this space to meet with potential members of the abbey and our church to share with them this wonderful dream of faith.  We will be soon using technology to get the message of our community out to a wider audience.  Please feel free to visit our website regularly and contact us about our abbey community.

Blessing on you,

Fr. Bob, Abbot

Send mail to abbot@holymotherabbey.org with questions or comments about this web site.
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