An Anthropology of the Divine Feminine
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Independent Catholics
Introduction to the Independent Catholic Movement
A welcome to the Independent Catholic Movement and the Ascension Alliance Church.
Coffee with the Abbot
Coffee with the Abbot, Pain and Anger  Father Bob discusses what spiritual pain is and how it leads to anger that is eventually manifest as violence both physical and passive.
Pain and Violence in the Classroom   Coffee with the Abbot, as Father Bob and Mother Nadine, discuss the spiritual causes of pain, anger, and violence that is plaguing our society. Learn practical everyday applications of scripture that will stop violence before it can ever manifest itself by removing the causes of pain, which lead to anger and violence.   
Christmas and Santa Clause
        Discussion of the Origins of Christmas and Santa Clause, over coffee with the Abbot.
Abbey Life:
Drug Abuse Prevention
In this Abbey Life series, Fr. Bob presents us with one of the dilemmas facing our youth today, the conflicts between faith and the temptations of substance abuse. Fr. Bob, and many experts present us with the reasons why, parents, young people and all the rest of us need to pull together to set up safe and acceptable boundaries of behavior that allow for individual growth and expression, but protect all of us from the various forms of misery and violence that always accompanies substance abuse.
Drugs, Sex, and Teens, a Toxic Cocktail (Part 1)
This video provided graphic footage of drug abuse, enforcement actions, young people acting under the influence of various substance, and drug induced violence amongst young people. Most of the footage is actual real-life footage filmed on location at the time of the events. Be prepared for some shocking, in-your-face reality that will prove to you why you need to get involved to stop substance abused.
Faith Based Drug Abuse Prevention (Part 2)
Part two in a series on drug abuse and prevention. Father Bob talks about the practical application of Faith to fight substance abuse by bringing together people from all religions to fight substance abuse in our communities.
A Mediterranean Brunch
In part one of this video, Father Bob shows us how to prepare a simple but elegant and tasty Mediterranean styled brunch with vegetables and potatoes, bacon/ham, candied asparagus, eggs, and as the center piece of flavor a candied spiced rum salmon.
All of this can be easily prepared in a single electric frying pan or grill. Father Bob has prepared each element of this fabulous brunch individually, allowing you to watch how the whole meal is prepared or just those parts that you would like to use.
Father Bob, also talks about some of the important points of the holistic lifestyle concerning nutrition as practiced at the the abbey. Father Bob, who has been cooking for over 3 decades, was formally the chef at a family owned eatery; he learned his cooking skills while traveling and cooking across the United States and Europe.
Mediterranean Brunch - Part 1/4 
In part one of this video, Father Bob shows us how to prepare the vegetables and potatoes.
Mediterranean Brunch - Part 2/4 
In part two of this video, Father Bob shows us how to prepare candied asparagus.
Mediterranean Brunch - Part 3/4 
In part three of this video, Father Bob shows us how to prepare candied spiced rum salmon.
Mediterranean Brunch - Part 4/4 
In part four of this video, Father Bob shows us how to prepare scrambled eggs and then presents a plate ready to eat.
Holistic Living and Sustainable Aquiculture
In this series on holistic living, Father Bob talks about the importance of sustainable agriculture and renewable energy for the abbey and as a tool to spread the fullness of the Holy Spirit to those in need around the world. Enjoy this series as Father Bob explains the workings of a solar powered green house at the abbey, and introduces you to the work of MAREH and organization dedicated to lighting the lives of children everywhere.
Sustainable Aquiculture (Part 1)
Introduction to sustainable aquiculture.
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