By the Apostolic Authority vested in us as the Presiding Bishop and Bishop of the Ordinariate of the Ascension, in the year of our Lord, Two Thousand Twelve of the passion of the Messiah Yeshua, we hereby authorize our most humble Priest, the Father Robert Lloyd Straitt, (in order that he may attain a seat in heaven, and that he may found an Abbey and Church in honor of the most Holy Mother of Heaven and this Earth, who holds in her hands the heavens, and to her most sacred breast the righteous of this world, protecting them from the fires of hell, who is interpreted as "The Star of the Sea" or "Lady of the peoples" and of all the Saints) that by this mass may be said unceasingly for ever in the Abbot of the Most Holy Mother, which shall be known to exist in all such places as may seem proper and fit by the Abbot and whose services shall be conducted and offered through whatever medium that the Holy Mother may provide him, as to reach those in need of and service to the Abbey, be it by physical or quintessence veracity, and that by wherever the Abbot shall be offered to sojourn by the Grace of our Holy Mother, shall such place be blessed.

The Abbey shall dedicated to the furtherance of the work of our Most Holy Church and The Most Holy Mother, all priests, deacons, and others of Holy Orders within its jurisdiction, all Laity in under its charge, all Catechist and Catechumen in study, and all those who seek the peace, blessings, and refuge of The Abbey of The Most Holy Mother shall be under the authority and charge of the Abbot. The quest for, recording of, archiving of, and dissemination of all truths shall be the work of the Abbey, and it shall be carried out through those methods and institutions of study, both public and private, as is necessary to teach and guide those who common under its jurisdiction and authority.

Remembering the most sacred words of the Messiah, "Where two or three are gathered together in my name there I am in the midst of them," and " if he say to this mulberry tree, 'root up and transplant in the sea,' and have not hesitated in his heart, but has believed, it shall be done for him." And elsewhere, "Ask and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full."

We have greatly desired that the religious intention, shown to continually pertain to this holy commission and to all such places, that it shall be found, should be completed without any delay, God willing, and so often as for any of its uses or conveniences our assent and the defense of the usual apostolic authority is required, it becomes us to willingly assist, God willing, by the prompting of benignity, and to strengthen for entire security according to reason, in order that His forgiveness and health and indemnity may be provided for us, and also the most desirable prize of gain may be reserved by God, the founder of all, in the starry citadels. It has seemed befitting to your religious character to implore us that we should protect the aforesaid Abbey and its Abbot, of the holy mother of God, our lady, with the evidence of apostolic authority, and that we should conform in everlasting right all things pertaining to it to remain there inviolably, being subject to the supreme authority of the Holy Mother in all matters both ecclesiastical and temporal.

Wherefore, influenced by your prayers, we decree and ordain by this witness of our commandment, if you have justly and reasonably petitioned us, and they are not held by other men, that all lands, and other properties obtained by the Abbey shall be the property of the Abbey to be possessed with security from all others claims, and by also they shall possess and hold to your just named Abbot, or to such successors as the abbots shall appoint, or clerks, and shall defend enjoying jurisdiction for ever, and shall profit for ever in the utilities of heaven for which purpose and under the witness of the divine judgment, we do decree and promulgate, that in no wise shall anyone of public life, or any person of whatsoever dignity, great or small, have any power in the things, estates, cultivated or uncultivated, of the aforesaid Abbey wherever they are seen to hold; nor shall anyone presume to carry away or despoil anything from the same pious tutelage, but rather they shall remain in everlasting right in the same venerable Abbey, as is above provided, and you and all your appointed successors, abbots, or nuns shall have power to control and dispose and request as shall be delegated by you to them.

laced on the altar during mass, Saturday, August 25 2012 and blessed during the celebration for the Holy Eucharist, and during the incardination and ordination suconditione of Reverend Robert Straitt.


The Abbey of the Most Holy Mother

Father, Robert Lloyd Straitt, Abbot

Abbey of the Most Holy Mother
"Whoever is the greatest should be the servant of the others."  Matt. 23:11
Alan R. Kemp
Most Rev. Alan R. Kemp, D.Min
Presiding Bishop and Chief Executive Officer
Ascension Alliance