Abbey Mother
Rev. Nadine Straitt
(mother Nadine)
Mother Nadine  has been actively involved in social-technological research and sustainability lifestyles at the community level since 2003.  Working in her ministry with underprivileged families and elderly in rural America to help them develop and maintain a sustainable life style.  From demonstrating healthy sustainable and green agricultural/small garden practices, to working with families and local seniors to coordinate practical interchanges of  proven successful practices with state of the art technology, to recycling used structural components into useful projects to support local sustainable projects. Stewardship of the earth was bestowed on humanity by the creator and Mother Nadine continues to show and prove the faith through her works with those who cannot help themselves. 

Mother Nadine was able to validate many of the concepts of sustainable living in less developed rural environments through her hands on experience in small scale sustainable food production and small business planning and management.  Growing food for human consumption to sell, as well as, feed stocks for her own farm animals provided her with hands experience that was

uniquely career broadening.  During this time Nadine made several trips to the Mediterranean region to learn animal husbandry and the anthropology small sustainable business operations first hand.  Capitalizing on her prior experience as a comptroller for a small engineering firm, Nadine was able to successfully explore various community sized business models that can become the foundations for a micro-economy in developing regions. Understanding how faith and spirituality merge with the daily task of survival has helped Mother Nadine create a holistic approach to her daily ministries that focus on a healthy body, mind, and soul.

During the summer of 2010 Nadine with technical advice from professors, designed and constructed a working demonstration model of a solar power aquaculture farm, based on the previous aquiculture concept she co-authored in 2009.  The 64 square foot facility was powered by 45 watts of solar panels and grew a variety of edible plants both in water flow grow beds and soil grow bed that also provide filtering and nutrient induction.  Since then Mother Nadine has received her missionary commission to work in an interfaith mission of providing sustainable power and technology to those less fortunate children who do not have simple lights and electrical appliances such as refrigerators to keep their food safe.  Through The Mission for Applications of Renewable Energy (MAREH), Mother Nadine is working to provide a brighter future for children around the world.

Mother Nadine as the Abbey Mother, is responsible for the abbey's gardens, finances, youth and women services, as well as the bakery and arts.   Mother Nadine has a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies, and is completing her Master's thesis in Environmental Sciences, at Arkansas State University.

Abbey of the Most Holy Mother