Forgotten Scripture and Church Writings Page
On this page you will find links to documents that proclaim the Glory of Yahweh (God), which have been forgotten or fallen out of popular readership in contemporary Christianity.  Many of these documents are repeatedly reference by the early church fathers that is those individuals who were instrumental in establishing the faith as we know it today.  Some of these documents were prohibited by the early Roman Church as they were contrary to the doctrines of the men of the Roman Church, others were prohibited because they cast a more equal light on women in the eyes of God, and yet other's just fell out of use as the dark-ages set upon the western world and the common man was no longer able to read and think for himself.

Some of the more interesting of these documents expand our knowledge into the life of the Messiah, especially during his early years.  Yet others of these documents tell the stories of the lives of those who were willing to give up everything to bring the "Good News", given by the Messiah, to all mankind.  Enjoy reading them and broadening your knowledge of our God and his love for us.
Acts of John
The Apocalypse of Peter
Acts of Thomas
Didache, The
Gospel of Mary
Gospel of Thomas
Infancy Gospel of the Thomas
The Shepherd of Hermas
The Sophia of Jesus Christ