1.  Check out our wedding options page
2.   Decide how much involvement in your ceremony you would like our clergy to  
have, by choosing either our BASIC or CUSTOM Option.

•  Are we coming to your location?
•  Are you coming to our location?
•  Will you need us for your wedding rehearsal?
3.  Fill out our "Availability Request" form or call us to discuss your options

4.  Select the clergy member of your choice.

5. One of our priests or deacons will be able to confirm availability and discuss  
suggested donations/offerings to meet your wedding needs.
6.  Once your ceremony arrangements are decided you can confirm your wedding plan  
with a major credit card.

7. Once a clergy has been assigned and your wedding arranges confirmed, you'll  
receive a "confirmation letter" confirming the details of you wedding plans.

8.  Now that you have your clergy arrangements confirmed, you can go out and enjoy t  
planning the rest of your special day with confidence.

Love for Life Wedding Services

Here's all you need to do to arrange your wedding ceremony.  
Abbey of the Most Holy Mother