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Abbey of the Most Holy Mother
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Building Fund Drive

The Abbey of the Holy Mother is starting a building fund drive to raise money for a permanent home for the Abbey.  Our goal is to be able to purchase a small track of land about 10 to 20 acres to build a community for abbey brothers and sisters, and parishioners, as well as, short and long term artisans and other guest.

What will this living testament to the glory of the Creator entail.  It will of course have a chapel, it will have living quarters for the abbot and abbot's family, it will have living quarters for married and single brothers and sisters of the abbey as needed, and it will have living quarters for artisans and other guest at the abbey.  Along with the chapel and living quarters will be a community kitchen and dining area, modern educational facilities and library for religious and home schooling students, artesian shops, a consignment store, a visitor center.  In addition there will be agricultural facilities to provide space for chickens, goats, sheep, and other smaller farm animals, as well as areas for fruit trees, vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

The purpose of the abbey will be foremost to create a safe and wholesome in environment to learn about the creator and all of creation in order to have a more fulfilling and meaningful spiritual experience.  Although the abbey will be a Christian center, it will be open to and respectful of individual of all faiths who want to join in harmony with others to enhance their spiritual journey.  As a monument to the divine feminine, it will be of special interest to the sisters and brothers to be able to provide a safe and holistic environment for the less privileged sisters of the world, who may not have the means to provide a sufficient living for themselves and possibly their children.  The abbey is intended to be a place where they can learn new spiritual insights and life skills in a a drug free and violence free environment.

To foster a sustainable life style the abbey will build and own various shops and other craft facilities that can be utilized by resident brothers and sisters, as well as, those from the surrounding community to utilize as independent and free artisans, paying a small fee based on a percentage of sales of their goods and services.  This model will allow for people to start new endeavors while not being encumbered with the costs and difficulties associated with starting up a new venture. 

Of course the abbey can only be successful if it is an integral part of the larger surrounding community of friends and neighbors.  As such the abbey will always be open to the public to visit, shop, learn, worship, and just spend time in a tranquil abbey setting.   The abbey unlike most modern churches, will be open 24 hours a day seven days a week, with someone always there to handle emergency situations for help and services.   Of course as a house of worship we will have regular worship service and  to provide for all the sacramental needs of the community as well.

In the full spirit of the independent catholic movement, the abbey will be open to all individual regardless of their religion, race, sex, marital status, or orientation.  We welcome all to come join us in worship, work, the pursuit of knowledge, spiritual growth, and fellowship with others who strive to tear down artificial boundaries of bigotry in order love one another openly and completely as Christ taught us.

Abbey of the Most Holy Mother