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Abbey of the Most Holy Mother

The three wise-men were learned not only in the arts and sciences such as astronomy and mathematics, but also in the anthropological and political sciences. Their education made it possible for them to safely navigate their way to the child Jesus from their homeland far away.  Using their knowledge of language and political science they were able to outwit and escape from the trechous king Herod.
From his earliest years Jesus new the importance of educating those around him.  Not just with idle repetition of scriptures but with applied knowledge that would serve the soul as bread to grow with and share with others.  Jesus not only learned but taught others in the openess of the temple courts.
Jesus also learned from an early age the value of a secular education.  Growing up learning the carpentry vocation, Jesus had to study mathematics and geometry, as well as, chemistry and the use of various tools.  Jesus would have also learned about arithmetic and accounting to keep the books, and social skills like anthropology to better understand customers and their needs.
In the earliest days of Christianity women, such as Mary Magdalene pictured here, as well as men continued on Jesus' work by going about and teaching the lessons that Jesus' had provided for them.  Encouraging others to lesson to and learn about the love and compassion of the Holy Spirit that could guide them though this life if they only they were willing to open their hearts and minds.

Knowledge and Christianity

     Jesus taught that the knowledge or truth is of all importance to following his teachings.  Many think they can say the word Jesus and all things magically become wonderful.  These are the ones that are unable to understand the parables of that Jesus used in teaching us about the Holy Spirit.  Without a good education in both secular and non-secular subjects one can not even begin to understand the teachings of Jesus, any of the other prophets, or grasp the truth about the mysteries of god. Our education ministry is all about helping other learn true and accurate knowledge about art, science, history, geography, language, social issues, religion, and most importantly the spirituality of knowing the Holy Spirit.  Although many fields of study may seem unrelated at first as the layers of misconception are removed, factual knowledge is revealed, and the interwoven knowledge of many fields reveals a clearer understanding of the what the Holy Spirit wants of us.

Religious Studies

Members of the Abbey Clergy and other learned lay people offer introductory and in-depth studies in all area of religious studies from scripture to religious anthropology/archeology to music and language studies.  As you learn about religion with our interwoven approach to learning the teaching of Jesus and the other great prophets and religious scholars you will find a new appreciation for your own inner spirituality as it is nurtured by love of the Holy Spirit.  As you gather a true understanding of the holy words, you learn to transcend the problems and fears of this world to be free to experience the beauty of the kingdom of heaven that will be found with in you. 

     All our religious study programs are provided free as part of our mission here at the Abbey.  If you fill called to support this important mission of spreading Jesus' truths and teaching please feel free to give as generously as the Holy Spirit has provide for you to.
Our Ministries
Interfaith Missions

Jesus taught, "Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God: but to others in parables; that seeing they might not see, and hearing they might not understand"
Matthew 8:10    
Home School Assistance

     Many moms and dads have had to rely on home schooling to provide a quality education for there children. Home schooling provides a safe and nurturing Christian environment, free of the drugs and violence that is plaguing our failing public and private schools systems.  The challenge for these concerned parents is what home schooling structure will give their children the best education and prepare them to enter the work force as productive members of society.

     The world of home schooling with all its rewards and benefits for both children and their parents can be a confusing and frightful place to journey through on your own.  Do you create your own curriculum, buy a packaged curriculum, or enroll in an accredited online home school?  Where do you turn to understand the course materials that you will be teaching your children? Free from all the absurd bureaucracy of the Anti-Christ controlled educational establishment, our Christian home schooling assistants can help guide you through all the options and obstacles of today's home schooling environment.

     Our home schooling assistants all have Bachelors, Masters, and/or PhDs degrees.  Their  practical experience in education and training will be of untold value to you as you plan and implement an effective Christian based home school program for your children. 

     Contact us at the Abbey to learn how our affordable home schooling assistance ministry can help you and your children experience the power and love of Christian home schooling.

Home Schooling Centers (Planned)

     Many parents have limited space and resources to dedicate to their home schooling programs.  Their children sometimes experience very limited contact with other children learning in a Christian  home schooling environment.  The cost of computers, training programs, and other materials can tax a families budget worse then the biblical puplicans.   Facilities to for home schooled children and their parents to meet at and share educational experiences are limited and costly to obtain.  Opportunities for children to join together for group activities such as sports, spelling bees, science fairs, and performing arts are limited by the availability of safe and affordable facilities.

     We dream of a time when the Abbey can provide safe and affordable home schooling centers to parents who want to give their children a competitive education in a safe Christian environment.  We need your support to help fulfill this calling from the Holy Spirit as apostles of Jesus to spread the truths that will keep our families safe and free.  Please consider giving generously of the wealth that has been graciously bestowed upon you to further this mission ordained by Jesus to all his apostles and followers, all those years ago.
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Secular Tutoring

Jesus told us that the truth sets you free.  But how is it that we can understand what is true and what is not?  A quality education in the fundamentals of reading, writing, arithmetic, as well as, the arts and sciences are essential to the understanding not only the scriptural message but also the more universal truths that the Holy Spirit places in each of our hearts and minds.  A good secular education sets you free of the chains of ignorance and superstition that false prophets use to mislead and control you and your family.  With the truths of this universe in hand you and your family are better able to make a living to care for yourselves and to help others around you.

     Out tutoring staff with Bachelors, Masters, and/or PhDs degrees are available to help students of all ages master their secular studies in a variety of subject areas, including but not limited to:

          Mathematics,  English,  History,  all the Physical Sciences,  Accounting and Business,
      Electronics and Technology,  Philosophy and Social Sciences,  and Environmental Studies

     Contact us at the Abbey to learn how our affordable tutoring programs can help you and/or your students learn to excel in this fast passed world of expanding knowledge with safe, effective, and affordable Christian based tutoring services.