Do we have to have a marriage license before we get married?

*  Yes.  A marriage license is required, and must be in-hand before the wedding begins.   

Are we required to meet with the
Priest/Deacon in order for you to marry us?

*  No.  We can handle everything over the phone and/or email. If you'd like to meet with    your
Priest/Deacon prior to your wedding, then you'll want our CUSTOM option.  Once you've booked our services, and your wedding has been assigned, your wedding Priest/Deacon will be in touch to arrange a meeting.   Your satisfaction is always guaranteed!!!.

What forms of payment does the Abbey accept?

* The Abbey happily accepts all major credit cards and PayPal wedding ceremony offerings.  All payments are made to the Abbey as offerings and are always tax deductible.

When is payment due?

*  All payments for weddings are due at the time of booking, unless your wedding date is farther than six months in advance.  If your wedding date is more then six months out, then a non-fundable, tax deductible offering equivalent to 25% of the wedding offering will be payable on booking and the remaining balance will be charged to the your credit card on file, on the first day of your wedding month.)

How soon do we need to book our wedding? 

*  Unlike many secular services, the Abbey is requested for more weddings and other life ceremonies than we could possibly perform.  We regret telling a couple that their preferred wedding date and time is not available, so if you would like a member of our abbey to be a part of your celebration, please book the services of one of our clergy as soon as you decide on a date, time and location.

Can we have a non-religious/secular ceremony?

*  Yes.  In addition to our religious ceremonies, we also perform secular (non-religious) ceremonies, and other religious ceremonies as is appropriate.  We find that many people are spiritual, respecting and honoring the majesty of creation, while shying away from the formality and doctrine of organized religious institutions.  We honor and respect the spiritual maturity of couples like this and welcome their desire to commit to each other in marriage.

Neither of us has been to church in years.  Can we still have a
Priest/Deacon marry us?

*  Yes.  A Priest/Deacon of the order is always available whenever you need a clergy for any of the special times in your lives.  For a variety of personal and life compelling reasons, not all of us can be active members of a church congregation.  The Abbey and our Clergy are always available for your wedding and other life ceremony needs.

Are your clergy REAL…?

*  Absolutely yes. Each clergy member of the Abbey, no matter where located, is an ordained Priest or Deacon, with full apostolic succession recorded back to its Christian origins in the laying on of hands by Jesus Christ himself.   Our Priest and Deacons always have their holy orders, ordinations, and apostolic succession documents available for your review.

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